Scholarships for Vetinary Medicine Majors

If you have always loved animals, you may want to turn that passion into a career as a veterinarian. A vet, of course, is a licensed doctor, and going to vet school takes a lot of work –plus a lot of money. But don’t let worries of how you’ll pay for school keep you from following your dreams. There are scholarships that can help ease the cost of vet school, so you can worry about the animals, not your student debt. Many corporations in the pet-care industry sponsor scholarships for veterinary students, and national and state organizations focused on animal care are also good sources for scholarships. Veterinary Medicine scholarships can be competitive. To be eligible, students usually need to be enrolled in an accredited university with a strong academic record. Some scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need. Find a great scholarship from the list below.

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Edward F. Fields Memorial Fund Blue Mountain Community Foundation
key information
  • n/a
  • 1 award
  • March 2020
  • Major: Study |Veterinary Medicine|Livestock|Extension Services|
  • Organization: 4-H (Club)|Future Farmers of America (FFA) (Professional Organization)
  • Residence: Live in |Walla Walla, WA|
  • competition 1.0
  • effort level 1.0
Showing 21-21 of 21 scholarships