Speech Science Research Grant

American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

Speech Science Research Grant is a $10,000 grant given to support the further research activities of new investigators. The grant was established in memory of Dennis Klatt who has been a noted researcher and scientist in the area of speech communication. The program aims to encourage investigators to continue the work of Dr. Klatt.

Key Information

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age/Grade Level:
    The applicant must have completed a Ph.D. or equivalent research doctorate within the past five years (since 2011).
  • Financial Need:
    Not Mentioned
  • Major/Career:
    The proposal must be for research in speech science although the investigator's field of degree is unrestricted. Priority will be given to areas reflecting Dr. Klatt's broad interests, such as proposals studying speech perception, synthesis, and acoustics, with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary research approach.
  • Other Benefits:
    Funds may be requested for a variety of purposes; for example, equipment, subjects, research assistants, or research-related travel.

Application Details

  • Judging Criteria:
    A review panel will evaluate the proposals based on the following five criteria:a.TheSignificanceof the research substantiates the potential for the study to advance the knowledge base in speech science and to impact clinical needs relevant to speech-language pathology or audiology.b.TheApproachreveals the merits of the design for accomplishing the specific aims of the study and, if applicable, the potential challenges to moving the study toward completion. The appropriateness and feasibility of a detailed account of the method, including measurement and data analysis plans, will be considered relative to the award size.c.The perceived ability of theInvestigatorto carry out the study in the specified time period is reflected by appropriate training, experience, and past accomplishments. The Investigator outlines clear and detailed management and budget plans for carrying out the study.d.The scientificEnvironmentdescribes the extent to which the facilities, resources, personnel, and subjects needed to carry out the activities described in the proposal are available to the investigator.e.Innovationof thestudy is reflected by refinement, improvement, or new application of theoretical concepts, methods, or interventions.Reviewers will assign scores on a 19 scale for each criterion. In addition, reviewers will assign an Overall Impact score based on all five criteria. The Overall Impact score tends to reflect reviewers' assessment of whetherthe proposed studywill be completed competently, be disseminated appropriately, will advance the investigator's research program for future funding, and has the potential to impact the discipline.The five criteria contribute differentially to the Overall Impact score to correspond to the goals and funding level of the grant competition. A tightly designed, feasiblestudy is most appropriate for the Speech Science Research Grant competition. Because this mechanism is meant for new investigators and for studies in speech science, theApproachcriterion would be more heavily weighted than theInnovationcriterion. The promise of theInvestigatorwill be highly prioritized, but will be evaluated in comparison to other new researchers in thediscipline based on the investigator's ability to clearly describe the activities and timeline necessary to complete thestudy in one year.
  • Transcript:
    Not required
  • Resume/Activity List:
    Not required
  • Other Materials:
    The applicant must submit a research proposal. Please note that the complete proposal must be submitted electronically as ONE PDF file containing all required sections.

Contact Information